Blog 8- self love 

Self love is when you realise that even through your imperfections you are perfect. It’s seeing that you are you and no one can or should be able to change you. 

It’s accepting yourself and loving yourself. 

It’s something I’ve struggled with but am slowly improving on. 

It’s so important in life, self hate is the route of most issues in the world. Hate is negative and negativity just ruins everything. 

See the best in every situation including seeing the best in yourself and you can’t go far wrong. Even when you feel your worst or feel so down that getting out of bed seems impossible just try and be happy. I think of three positive things in my life that helps me to achieve a positive mindset. 

What I am looking for is not out there, it is in me

Blog 7- social media 

 I’ve come to learn that everyone is consumed by social media. It rules everyone’s life and people become so absorbed in it that they struggle to see what is actually happening around them. 
When I look around all I see is people sat on their phones scrolling for hours on pointless pages such as Facebook and twitter. It’s wasting so much time and energy on absorbing other people’s lives when everyone needs to focus on their own. 
Saying that, there are benefits to social media. From a business point of view it is extremely useful and opens up new possibilities and opportunities. 
Brands and businesses can reach thousands and thousands of people with social media and if it is used correctly, it can build someone from nothing to something. 
One of my current goals is to become a person of influence via social media. Instagram being my main platform although I am using twitter aswell. In doing this I can hopefully create a name for myself so when it comes to me going all in with my business then I already have a following and good image that will create trust between myself and the client before they have already met me. 
I’ve recently deleted most social media from my phone. I deleted the Facebook app, snapchat and twitter although I re-downloaded twitter purely for a business point of view. 
The first few weeks of having no social media felt very strange and it was only then that I realised how much everyone relies on their phones. I kept reaching for my phone every few minutes before realising it was pointless and thought how much time I have been wasting aimlessly scrolling. 
I have definitely noticed a massive shift in my mental focus and clarity since having the bare minimum of social media and I would definitely advise everyone to do it! 

“Consume, don’t be consumed”

Blog 6- My Path 

Currently I’ve shared with you the beginnings on my business startup and a slight insight into my spiritual journey but all of this combines to me realising my true path at 19 years old. 

I’m very confident that the way I am heading is correct, my life as a business woman and entrepreneur is starting and my life a spiritual being is also taking a massive turn for the better. 

Not many people can say that at 19 they have it figured out so I’m pretty chuffed with myself 🤔 

When I look at what I was like as a person this time last year I’ve noticed a huge difference. Especially compared to a few years ago, I am now a completely different person. New mindset, new goals, new personality and a fresh look on life. I am definitely heading for great things and I’m not afraid to admit that. 

Self love and self awareness is something I am massively trying to improve, I’m slowly getting there but everything takes time. In the wise words of Gary Vaynerchuck “Macro- patience”. 

I am being patient but in no way am I just sitting back and ‘hoping’ great things happen. You have to do great to be great but nothing happens overnight so I have to hold tight, work incredibly hard and I know I’ll get there even if it means failing over and over again. 

Failing is never a bad thing, it’s a lesson. Something where you can look back and think “what did I do wrong?” or “where can I improve?”. Everything happens for a reason so I know to never give up and to keep going 💪🏼 

Your only limit is you.

Blog 5- Veganism

I’ve learnt many things about veganism and the benefits of it in a short amount of time. I still have a lot to learn about it and its connections with spirituality but after being vegan for three months I am 100% sure that I would never go back. 

There are many health benefits for veganism aswell as the most obvious moral reasons. 

A healthy vegan diet is full of vitamins B1, C and E, aswell as folic acid, magnesium and iron while being low in cholesterol and saturated fats.  This can reduce the risk of getting conditions such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

Plant- based foods provide phytochemicals which help prevent and heal the body from cancer, boost protein enzymes and work with antioxidants in the body. 

I keep getting asked “but where do you get your protein from?” and “you need milk and dairy for calcium otherwise you will get weak bones”. NO. This is so SO wrong!

There are so many different forms of protein and calcium that don’t come from meat or dairy. We don’t need meat or dairy in our diets, it’s a lie that everyone’s been told from a young age. 

Sources of protein come from beans, nuts, peas, lentils and soy products and sources of calcium come from unsweetened soya, tofu, pulses, bread, dried fruits, kale and broccoli. 

It’s so easy not to eat meat or dairy and the effects on the body are amazing once these are cut out. 

In the three months of being vegan I’ve noticed a huge change in my hair and skin which have improved so much. I have so much more energy, I don’t feel sluggish or run down EVER. I work long hours at my current job and I used to always feel so tired half way through the day that I would physically have to sit down or I would nearly pass out. Now I can go a whole day, wake up fresh and go to bed still fresh. 

I always used to be ill and run down in some way, either really ill from glandular fever which kept returning or run down with colds or extreme tiredness but now I can go a full day at work and fit the gym in 5 times a week aswell as setting up my own business without feeling drained. It’s the most amazing feeling, I’m actually progressing so much and getting on with so much work and I still feel great. 

Not only do I feel healthier and happier but I look it. People have noticed and mentioned it to me and I put it down to my diet. Being vegan motivates you to become healthier so I’m naturally drinking more water and wanting to workout because I feel good in myself. 

Vegan diet is 100% the way forward and I would strongly recommend anyone who disagrees to do the 7 day vegan challenge. Just be vegan for one week and you’ll notice the difference without a doubt. 

Before you ask someone why they’re vegan, ask yourself why you aren’t. 

Blog 4- business startup

While working a full time job doing a beauty apprenticeship I am starting up a business. A dog walking business that is going to progress into dog grooming and onto doggy day care etc. 

I was listening to an audio book by Daniel priestly and he said a very interesting point. He asked, what would you do for free? As in, if you had to do something for the rest of your life what would you happily do for free? 

Don’t get me wrong i love my beauty apprenticeship, I’ve met some fantastic people and gained some amazing skills but would I do it for free for the rest of my life? No. What would I do for free? I’d spend all day everyday with dogs. 

Imagine being able to get up in a morning and know that the whole day is going to spent with dogs. Even the thought makes me incredibly happy so why don’t I just make it a career? I can’t fail in something I’m so passionate about. 

So I’ve agreed with my boss to start to cut down my hours at work while building up my business, she’s incredibly supportive and I can always pick her brains about business which is a massive plus! 

I’ve just started getting my name out there slowly without doing it too much as I currently can’t offer too much as I don’t have the time but as soon as I start these new hours I’m going to be going hard 😎 

Currently building up my name on Instagram and twitter aswell as creating this blog so slowly I’m getting there! My determination is not faultering in the slightest and I can’t wait for my future! 

The biggest mistake a small business can make is to think like a small business. 

Blog 3- spiritual awareness 

So in terms of my spiritual self definite progress is being made and I strongly believe this is down to the people I am surrounding myself with. 

I’ve always had a very open mind to other possibilities and what could be out there but I’ve never followed it up with any actions. Until I met my boyfriend Rick a few months ago. 

I firmly believe that everyone you meet you meet for a reason and one of the reasons I met Rick was to push me onto this spiritual path that I was always destined to follow. My mind has been opened more than I could imagine and is still progressing. 

I’ve been introduced to the power of meditation and veganism and I am learning more about myself everyday. 

Though meditation I’ve experienced some weird stuff and various other things have been shown to me in day to day life that when I research them it turns out I’m not going crazy I am just waking up. It feels amazing! 

I’ll cover my experiences and lessons I’ve learnt in other blogs where I can focus on particular events and how they have changed me as a person. 

I am constantly learning and I have no doubt that the path I am on is the right path for me where I am going to continue to grow and become the best version of myself. 

By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before.

Blog 2- starting my business 

So I’m currently sat in a coffee shop having my millionth coffee kick of the day ☕️

I’ve been doing a lot of work and research on how to make a name for myself and make a start on creating my business. I want to be the best I can be, infact no, I want to be better than that.

Today has been fairly productive, I’ve created a LinkedIn account (Agatha Groombridge) and a twitter account that will be used to progress from a business point of view.

Also managed to find out how to boost myself as an Instagram entrepreneur seen as I think Instagram is going to be my platform.

So many exciting things to happen, watch this space 😎

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.